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adjective, Physiology, Medicine/Medical.
of or relating to the pulse.
(physiol) of or relating to the pulse

sphygmic sphyg·mic (sfĭg’mĭk)
Of or relating to the pulse.


Read Also:

  • Sphygmic interval

    sphygmic interval n. The period in the cardiac cycle when the semilunar valves are open and blood is ejected from the ventricles into the arterial system. Also called ejection period, sphygmic period.

  • Sphygmo-

    1. a combining form representing sphygmus, in compound words: sphygmometer. combining form 1. indicating the pulse: sphygmomanometer sphygmo- or sphygm- pref. Pulse: sphygmograph.

  • Sphygmochronograph

    sphygmochronograph sphyg·mo·chron·o·graph (sfĭg’mō-krŏn’ə-grāf’, -krō’nə-) n. A modified sphygmograph that graphically represents the time relations between the beat of the heart and the pulse.

  • Sphygmogram

    noun 1. a tracing or diagram produced by a sphygmograph. sphygmogram sphyg·mo·gram (sfĭg’mə-grām’) n. The record or tracing produced by a sphygmograph.

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