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Spider telangiectasia

spider telangiectasia n.
See arterial spider.


Read Also:

  • Spider-vein

    noun 1. one of a radiating network of dilated capillaries on the skin.

  • Spider-wasp

    noun 1. any of certain wasps, especially of the family Pompilidae, that provision their nests with paralyzed spiders.

  • Spiderweb

    verb (used with object), spiderwebbed, spiderwebbing. 1. to cover with a spider web or fine lines resembling a spider web. tool A program for creating versions of Knuth’s WEB self-documenting programs (“literate programming”). (ftp://princeton.edu/). (1999-08-26)

  • Spider-web

    noun 1. the web that is spun by a spider, made of interlaced threads of viscous fluid that harden on exposure to air.

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