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any of numerous plants of the genus Selaginella, allied to and resembling the club mosses.


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  • Spikenard

    noun 1. an aromatic, Indian plant, Nardostachys jatamansi, of the valerian family, believed to be the nard of the ancients. 2. an aromatic substance used by the ancients, supposed to be obtained from this plant. 3. any of various other plants, especially an American plant, Aralia racemosa, of the ginseng family, having an aromatic root. […]

  • Spike potential

    spike potential n. The main wave in the action potential of a nerve that is followed by negative and positive afterpotentials.

  • Spiker

    noun 1. a pointed, perforated tube connected to a garden hose, pushed into the soil for deep watering. 2. Volleyball. a player who spikes the ball.

  • Spike-rush

    noun 1. any perennial plant of the temperate cyperaceous genus Eleocharis, occurring esp by ponds, and having underground stems, narrow leaves, and small flowers

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