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Spinal headache

spinal headache n.
A headache that is brought on by sitting or assuming an upright posture following spinal anesthesia; it is usually relieved by lying down.


Read Also:

  • Spinal marrow

    spinal marrow n. See spinal cord.

  • Spinal meningitis

    spinal meningitis n. Inflammation of the membranes enclosing the spinal cord, especially a usually fatal form that affects infants and young children and is caused by a strain of gram-negative bacteria (Hemophilus influenzae).

  • Spinal muscle of head

    spinal muscle of head n. An inconstant extension of the spinal muscle of the neck to the occipital bone, sometimes fusing with the semispinal muscle of the head.

  • Spinal muscle of neck

    spinal muscle of neck n. An inconstant or rudimentary muscle with origin from the sixth and seventh cervical vertebrae, with insertion into the axis and third cervical vertebra, with nerve supply from the dorsal branches of the cervical nerve, and whose action extends the cervical spine.

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