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the belief or doctrine that the of the dead, surviving after the mortal life, can and do communicate with the living, especially through a person (a medium) particularly susceptible to their influence.
the practices or phenomena associated with this belief.
the belief that all reality is .
Metaphysics. any of various doctrines maintaining that the ultimate reality is or mind.
quality or tendency.
insistence on the side of things, as in philosophy or religion.
Contemporary Examples

Nevertheless, the triumph of West Coast spiritualism over East Coast secularism has civilization-wide implications.
Can Heritage Foundation Posterboy Bono Save the GOP? James Poulos March 14, 2014

All three were anxious,” Gray writes, “that the rise of spiritualism would block the advance of scientific materialism.
Our Crazy Quest for Immortality Malcolm Jones May 13, 2011

Historical Examples

It passes from apparent atheism and materialism to theism, polytheism, and spiritualism.
Buddhism, In its Connexion With Brahmanism and Hinduism, and In Its Contrast with Christianity Sir Monier Monier-Williams

She has a most amazing fund of common-sense and is “down” on spiritualism to a degree.
Kent Knowles: Quahaug Joseph C. Lincoln

The general opinion everywhere, where the wish was not the opposite, was that spiritualism as such had received its death-blow.
The Death-Blow to Spiritualism Reuben Briggs Davenport

I believe in dreams and presentiments and spiritualism and all the rest of it now.
Kent Knowles: Quahaug Joseph C. Lincoln

And what I may have to say about what is called spiritualism will reflect actual observations.
The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 13, No. 80, June, 1864 Various

This is the oldest and still the most popular theory—the theory of spiritualism.
Mind and Motion and Monism George John Romanes

The miracles are believed in by many, but spiritualism lags far behind the Mormon theology, and probably always will do.
Ancient Faiths And Modern Thomas Inman

I am now wondering where you can buy hand-books on spiritualism.
Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 158, April 7, 1920 Various

the belief that the disembodied spirits of the dead, surviving in another world, can communicate with the living in this world, esp through mediums
the doctrines and practices associated with this belief
(philosophy) the belief that because reality is to some extent immaterial it is therefore spiritual
any doctrine (in philosophy, religion, etc) that prefers the spiritual to the material
the condition or quality of being spiritual

1796, “advocacy of a spiritual view,” from spiritual + -ism. Table-rapping sense is from 1853.


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