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a person or thing that splashes.
something that protects from splashes.
anything used for protection against splashes


Read Also:

  • Splash-erosion

    noun 1. erosion caused by the impact of falling raindrops.

  • Splash-guard

    noun 1. a large flap behind a rear tire to prevent mud, water, etc., from being splashed on the following vehicle.

  • Splash out

    verb 1. (informal, mainly Brit) (adverb) often foll by on. to spend (money) freely or extravagantly (on something)

  • Splash screen

    programming An initial screen displayed by interactive software, usually containing a logo, version information, author credits and/or a copyright notice. The term originated among Macintosh users and spread, the synonym banner was once also used. [Jargon File] (1998-04-28)

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