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Splenic artery

splenic artery n.
See lienal artery.


Read Also:

  • Splenic lymph follicle

    splenic lymph follicle n. See malpighian corpuscle.

  • Splenic pulp

    splenic pulp n. The soft, reddish brown substance that fills the sinuses of the spleen. Also called red pulp.

  • Splenic sinus

    splenic sinus n. An elongated venous channel in the spleen, lined by rod-shaped cells.

  • Splenic vein

    splenic vein n. A vein that arises by the union of several small veins at the hilum on the anterior surface of the spleen, passes to the left kidney, and runs to the neck of the pancreas where it joins the superior mesenteric vein to form the portal vein.

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