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status postoperative


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  • Spod

    adjective (Brit, informal) 1. a person seen as being boring, unattractive, or excessively studious chat (Great Britain) A lower form of life found on chat systems and MUDs. The spod has few friends in RL and uses chat instead, finding communication easier and preferable over the net. He has all the negative traits of the […]

  • Spodogenous

    spodogenous spo·dog·e·nous (spō-dŏj’ə-nəs) adj. Of or caused by waste material in an organ.

  • Spodosol

    noun 1. an acidic forest soil of low fertility, common to the cool, humid areas of North America and Eurasia.

  • Spodumene

    noun 1. a mineral, lithium aluminum silicate, LiAlSi 2 O 6 , occurring in prismatic crystals, transparent varieties being used as gems. noun 1. a greyish-white, green, or lilac pyroxene mineral consisting of lithium aluminium silicate in monoclinic crystalline form. It is an important ore of lithium and is used in the manufacture of glass […]

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