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verb (used with object), spoon-fed, spoon-feeding.
to cause to be spoon-fed.
verb (transitive) -feeds, -feeding, -fed
to feed with a spoon
to overindulge or spoil
to provide (a person) with ready-made opinions, judgments, etc, depriving him of original thought or action


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  • Spoonful

    noun, plural spoonfuls. 1. as much as a spoon can hold. 2. a small quantity. noun (pl) -fuls 1. the amount that a spoon is able to hold 2. a small quantity

  • Spoon-hook

    noun, Angling. 1. a fishhook equipped with a spoon lure.

  • Spoonier

    adjective, spoonier, spooniest. 1. spoony. adjective, spoonier, spooniest. Informal. 1. foolishly or sentimentally amorous. 2. foolish; silly. adjective spoonier, spooniest 1. foolishly or stupidly amorous noun (pl) spoonies 2. a fool or silly person, esp one in love spooked

  • Spooning

    noun 1. a utensil for use in eating, stirring, measuring, ladling, etc., consisting of a small, shallow bowl with a handle. 2. any of various implements, objects, or parts resembling or suggesting this. 3. a spoonful. 4. Also called spoon bait. Angling. a lure used in casting or trolling for fish, consisting of a bright […]

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