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Sports complex


See sportsplex


Read Also:

  • Sportsdom

    noun 1. the world of professional and amateur competitive sports.

  • Sports drink

    noun a beverage containing carbohydrates, minerals such as salt, vitamins, and other supplements to help replenish fluids and nutrients used during vigorous exercise and sport See energy drink

  • Sport-shirt

    noun 1. a long- or short-sleeved soft shirt for informal wear by men, having a squared-off shirttail that may be left outside the trousers, usually worn without a tie.

  • Sports-jacket

    noun 1. a jacket, often of textured wool or colorful pattern, with a collar, lapels, long sleeves, and buttons in the front, cut somewhat fuller than the jacket of a business suit, worn with slacks for informal occasions. sports jacket noun 1. a man’s informal jacket, made esp of tweed: worn with trousers of different […]

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