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a city in S Massachusetts, on the Connecticut River.
a city in SW Missouri.
a city in and the capital of Illinois, in the central part.
a city in W Ohio.
a city in W Oregon.
a town in SE Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia.
a town in N Tennessee.
a town in SE Vermont.
a state in the central United States: a part of the Midwest. 56,400 sq. mi. (146,075 sq. km).
Capital: Springfield.
Abbreviation: IL (for use with zip code), Ill.
a river flowing SW from NE Illinois to the Mississippi River: connected by a canal with Lake Michigan. 273 miles (440 km) long.
a city in S Massachusetts, on the Connecticut River: the site of the US arsenal and armoury (1794–1968), which developed the Springfield and Garand rifles. Pop: 152 157 (2003 est)
a city in SW Missouri. Pop: 150 867 (2003 est)
a city in central Illinois, capital of the state: the home and burial place of Abraham Lincoln. Pop: 113 586 (2003 est)
a state of the N central US, in the Midwest: consists of level prairie crossed by the Illinois and Kaskaskia Rivers; mainly agricultural. Capital: Springfield. Pop: 12 653 544 (2003 est). Area: 144 858 sq km (55 930 sq miles) Abbreviation Ill., (with zip code) IL
a river in Illinois, flowing SW to the Mississippi. Length: 439 km (273 miles)
Illinois [(il-uh-noy)]

State in the north-central United States bordered on the north by Wisconsin, the east by Indiana, the south by Kentucky, and the west by Missouri and Iowa. Its capital is Springfield, and its largest city is Chicago.

Note: Known as the “Land of Lincoln” because Abraham Lincoln began his political career there.


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