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noun, plural squamae
[skwey-mee] /ˈskweɪ mi/ (Show IPA)
a scale or scalelike part, as of epidermis or bone.
noun (pl) -mae (-miː)
(biology) a scale or scalelike structure

squama squa·ma (skwā’mə, skwä’-)
n. pl. squa·mae (-mē’)

A thin platelike mass, as of bone.

A scale or scalelike structure.

squa’mate’ (-māt’) adj.


Read Also:

  • Squamate

    adjective 1. provided or covered with squamae or scales; scaly.

  • Squamation

    noun 1. the state of being squamate. 2. the arrangement of the squamae or scales of an animal. noun 1. the condition of having or forming scales or squamae 2. the arrangement of scales in fishes or reptiles

  • Squamiform

    adjective 1. shaped like a scale. adjective 1. (biology) resembling a scale: squamiform cells

  • Squamo-

    1. a combining form of squama: squamocellular. squamo- pref. Scale; scaly: squamosal.

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