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Stand tall



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  • Stand-the-gaff

    noun 1. harsh treatment or criticism: All the gaff he took never made him bitter. Idioms 2. stand / take the gaff, Slang. to weather hardship or strain; endure patiently. noun 1. (angling) a stiff pole with a stout prong or hook attached for landing large fish 2. (nautical) a boom hoisted aft of a […]

  • Stand the heat

    stand tall

  • Stand the sight of

    see: can’t stand the sight of

  • Stand-up

    adjective 1. standing erect or upright, as a collar. 2. performed, taken, etc., while one stands: a stand-up meal. 3. designed for or requiring a standing position: a stand-up lunch counter. 4. (of a fight) characterized by the rapid exchange of many blows with little attention given to defensive maneuvering. 5. characterized by an erect […]

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