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adjective, Grammar.
(of a verb) expressing a state or condition, as like, want, or believe, and usually used in simple, not progressive, tenses:
I liked them. I want some. I will never believe it.
denoting a verb describing a state rather than an activity, act, or event, such as know and want as opposed to leave and throw Compare nonstative
a stative verb


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    noun 1. Ellsworth Milton, 1863–1928, U.S. hotel-chain developer.

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  • Stato-

    combining form 1. static; standing; fixed: statolith stato- pref. Equilibrium; balance: statoacoustic.

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    statoacoustic stat·o·a·cous·tic (stāt’ō-ə-kōō’stĭk) adj. Relating to equilibrium and hearing.

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