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the position of an individual in relation to another or others, especially in regard to social or professional standing.
state or condition of affairs:
Arbitration has failed to change the status of the disagreement.
Law. the standing of a person before the law.
conferring or believed to confer elevated status:
a status car; a status job.
noun (pl) -tuses
a social or professional position, condition, or standing to which varying degrees of responsibility, privilege, and esteem are attached
the relative position or standing of a person or thing
a high position or standing; prestige: he has acquired a new status since he has been in that job
the legal standing or condition of a person
a state of affairs

status sta·tus (stā’təs, stāt’əs)
A state or condition.

status definition

The relative position of an individual within a group, or of a group within a society.

Note: Though the term can refer to either high or low standing, it is often used only to imply a position of prestige.


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