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a large commercial vessel, especially one driven by steam.
a ship powered by one or more steam engines


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  • Steam-shovel

    noun 1. a machine for digging or excavating, operated by its own engine and boiler. steam-shovel noun 1. a steam-driven mechanical excavator, esp one having a large bucket or grab on a beam slung from a revolving jib

  • Steam someone up

    steamed up

  • Steam-table

    noun 1. a boxlike table or counter, usually of stainless steel, with receptacles in the top into which containers of food may be fitted to be kept warm by steam or hot water in the compartment below.

  • Steamtight

    adjective 1. impervious to steam. adjective 1. (of joints, cylinders, etc) being sealed in such a way that steam cannot leak out

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