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the manufacture of steel.


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  • Steelman

    noun, plural steelmen. 1. a person engaged in the steelmaking business. DoD, June 1978. Fifth and last of the series of DoD requirements that led to Ada. “Steelman Requirements for High Order Programming Languages”, US Dept of Defense, June 1978. SIGPLAN Notices 13(12) (Dec 1978). (See Strawman, Woodenman, Tinman, Ironman).

  • Steel-mill

    noun 1. a steelworks.

  • Steel-pan

    noun 1. steel drum.

  • Steam-bath

    noun 1. a bath of steam, usually in a specially equipped room or enclosure, for cleansing or refreshing oneself. 2. a special room or enclosure, or an establishment containing it, for such a bath. 3. a bath of steam used in laboratories for sterilizing equipment, utensils, etc. noun 1. a room or enclosure that can […]

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