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a set of steps folding into a chair.


Read Also:

  • Stepchild

    noun, plural stepchildren. 1. a child of one’s spouse by a previous marriage. 2. any person, organization, affiliate, project, etc., that is not properly treated, supported, or appreciated: This agency is the stepchild when appropriations are handed out. noun (pl) -children 1. a stepson or stepdaughter

  • Step-cut

    noun, Jewelry. 1. a cut consisting of a rectangular girdle, often faceted, with two or more tiers of narrow facets running parallel to the girdle on both the crown and the pavilion: used especially in stones in which color is more important than brilliance.

  • Stepdame

    noun, Archaic. 1. a stepmother. noun 1. an archaic word for stepmother

  • Stepdance

    noun 1. a dance in which the steps are the most important characteristic, specifically a solo dance with intricate, vigorous steps, often performed with the hands kept in the pockets.

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