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adjective, Nautical.
farthest aft.
nearest the stern.
adjective (nautical)
farthest to the stern; aftmost
nearest the stern


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    adjective, sterner, sternest. 1. firm, strict, or uncompromising: stern discipline. 2. hard, harsh, or severe: a stern reprimand. 3. rigorous or austere; of an unpleasantly serious character: stern times. 4. grim or forbidding in aspect: a stern face. adjective 1. showing uncompromising or inflexible resolve; firm, strict, or authoritarian 2. lacking leniency or clemency; harsh […]

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    Trademark. 1. flammable hydrocarbon jelly packaged in a small can for use as a portable heat source for cooking. 1. a combining form representing sternum, in compound words: sternocostal. sterno- or stern- pref. Sternum: sternocostal.

  • Sternoclavicular

    sternoclavicular ster·no·cla·vic·u·lar (stûr’nō-klə-vĭk’yə-lər) adj. Of, relating to, or connecting the sternum and clavicle.

  • Sternoclavicular angle

    sternoclavicular angle n. The angle formed by the junction of the clavicle with the sternum.

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