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Stick float

(angling) a float attached at the top and bottom to the line


Read Also:

  • Stickful

    noun, plural stickfuls. Printing. 1. as much set type as a composing stick will hold, usually about two column inches.

  • Stickhandle

    verb (used without object), stickhandled, stickhandling. 1. (in hockey and lacrosse) to control and skillfully maneuver the ball or puck with the stick. verb 1. (hockey:Ice) to manoeuvre (the puck) deftly

  • Stickhandler

    or stick handler [stik-hand-ler] /ˈstɪkˌhænd lər/ noun 1. a hockey or lacrosse player, esp. one who is talented at stickhandling.

  • Stickiness

    adjective, stickier, stickiest. 1. having the property of adhering, as glue; adhesive. 2. covered with adhesive or viscid matter: sticky hands. 3. (of the weather or climate) hot and humid: It was an unbearably sticky day. 4. requiring careful treatment; awkwardly difficult: a rather sticky diplomatic problem; Breaking the news is going to be sticky. […]

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