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verb (used without object), strategized, strategizing.
to make up or determine strategy; plan.


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  • Strategy

    noun, plural strategies. 1. Also, strategics. the science or art of combining and employing the means of war in planning and directing large military movements and operations. 2. the use or an instance of using this science or art. 3. skillful use of a stratagem: The salesperson’s strategy was to seem always to agree with […]

  • Stratford

    noun 1. a town in SW Connecticut, near Bridgeport: Shakespeare theater. 2. a city in SE Ontario, in S Canada: Shakespeare theater. 3. a male given name.

  • Stratford de Redcliffe

    [duh red-klif] /də ˈrɛd klɪf/ noun 1. 1st Viscount (Stratford Canning) 1786–1880, English diplomat.

  • Stratford-on-Avon

    or Stratford-upon-Avon [strat-ferd-on-ey-vuh n, -awn-] /ˈstræt fərd ɒnˈeɪ vən, -ɔn-/ noun 1. a town in SW Warwickshire, in central England, on the Avon River: birthplace and burial place of Shakespeare. Stratford-on-Avon /ˈstrætfəd/ noun 1. a market town in central England, in SW Warwickshire on the River Avon: the birthplace and burial place of William Shakespeare […]

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