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a lesser or subordinate genre:
a subgenre of popular fiction.
a category that is a subdivision of a larger genre


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  • Subgenus

    noun, plural subgenera [suhb-jen-er-uh] /sʌbˈdʒɛn ər ə/ (Show IPA), subgenuses. Anthropology, Biology. 1. a category of related species within a genus. noun (pl) -genera (-ˈdʒɛnərə), -genuses 1. (biology) a taxonomic group that is a subdivision of a genus but of higher rank than a species subgenus sub·ge·nus (sŭb’jē’nəs) n. pl. sub·gen·e·ra (-jěn’ər-ə) A taxonomic category […]

  • Subgingival

    adjective 1. being or occurring under the gums; especially, being or occurring in the crevice between the gum margin and the neck or root of a tooth.

  • Subgingival curettage

    subgingival curettage sub·gin·gi·val curettage (sŭb-jĭn’jə-vəl, -jĭn-jī’-) n. The removal of subgingival calculus or ulcerated epithelial and granulomatous tissues from periodontal pockets with a curette.

  • Subgingival space

    subgingival space n. See gingival sulcus.

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