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Subliminal perception

(psychol) perception of or reaction to a stimulus that occurs without awareness or consciousness Also called subception


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  • Sublimity

    noun, plural sublimities for 2. 1. the state or quality of being sublime. 2. a sublime person or thing.

  • Sublinear

    adjective 1. of, consisting of, or using lines: linear design. 2. pertaining to or represented by lines: linear dimensions. 3. extended or arranged in a line: a linear series. 4. involving measurement in one dimension only; pertaining to length: linear measure. 5. of or relating to the characteristics of a work of art in which […]

  • Sublingual

    adjective 1. situated under the tongue, or on the underside of the tongue. noun 2. a sublingual gland, artery, or the like. adjective 1. (anatomy) situated beneath the tongue sublingual sub·lin·gual (sŭb-lĭng’gwəl) adj. Below or beneath the tongue; hypoglossal.

  • Sublingual artery

    sublingual artery n. An artery with origin in the lingual artery, with distribution to the extrinsic muscles of the tongue, the sublingual gland, and the mucosa of the region, and with anastomoses to the artery of the opposite side and the submental artery.

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