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(logic, philosophy) the principle that expressions with the same reference can be substituted for one another without affecting the truth-value of any context in which they occur See also transparent context, opaque context


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  • Sub-stock

    noun 1. a supply of goods kept on hand for sale to customers by a merchant, distributor, manufacturer, etc.; inventory. 2. a quantity of something accumulated, as for future use: a stock of provisions. 3. livestock. 4. Theater. a stock company: a job in summer stock. 5. Finance. the outstanding capital of a company or […]

  • Substratal

    noun, plural substrata [suhb-strey-tuh, -strat-uh, -suhb-strey-tuh, -strat-uh] /ˈsʌbˌstreɪ tə, -ˌstræt ə, -sʌbˈstreɪ tə, -ˈstræt ə/ (Show IPA), substratums. 1. something that is spread or laid under something else; a stratum or layer lying under another. 2. something that underlies or serves as a basis or foundation. 3. Agriculture. the subsoil. 4. Biology. the base or […]

  • Substrate

    noun 1. a substratum. 2. Biochemistry. the substance acted upon by an enzyme. 3. Electronics. a supporting material on which a circuit is formed or fabricated. noun 1. (biochem) the substance upon which an enzyme acts 2. another word for substratum 3. (electronics) the semiconductor base on which other material is deposited, esp in the […]

  • Substratosphere

    [suhb-strat-uh-sfeer] /sʌbˈstræt əˌsfɪər/ noun, (not used technically) 1. the upper troposphere.

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