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Suction drainage

suction drainage suc·tion drainage (sŭk’shən)
The closed drainage of a cavity using a suction apparatus attached to a drainage tube.


Read Also:

  • Suction-lipectomy

    noun 1. the removal of fatty tissue by making a small incision in the skin, loosening the fat layer, and withdrawing it by suction.

  • Suction-pump

    noun 1. a pump for raising water or other fluids by suction, consisting essentially of a vertical cylinder in which a piston works up and down, both the cylinder and the pump having valves that control the flow of the fluid. suction pump noun 1. a pump for raising water or other fluid by suction. […]

  • Suction-stop

    noun, Phonetics. 1. click1 (def 3). suction stop noun 1. (phonetics) another word for click (sense 3)

  • Suction valve

    noun 1. a nonreturn valve in a pump suction to prevent the pump draining or depriming when not in service Also called foot valve

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