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an advocate of the grant or extension of political , especially to women.
Historical Examples

The crowds on the route were greater than usual, and the occasion was marked by no untoward incident, suffragist or otherwise.
The Annual Register 1914 Anonymous

The Prime Minister, between you and me, is as good a suffragist as any of us.
The Convert Elizabeth Robins

Lastly, the suffragist fails to see that the function of framing the laws is not an essential function of citizenship.
The Unexpurgated Case Against Women Suffrage Almroth E. Wright

Off and on, I should say at least fifty Colorado women have tried to make a suffragist of me.
An American Suffragette Isaac N. Stevens

There was a simmering in the suffragist ranks rather than any alarming explosion.
Mrs. Warren’s Daughter Sir Harry Johnston

Now, however, she is a suffragist, but she refuses to say that she has been “converted” to suffragism.
Literature in the Making Various

One was a suffragist, the other was so much opposed that she used to burn the Woman’s Journal as soon as it came in the house.
The History of Woman Suffrage, Volume IV Various

The Prime Minister, you will remember, called himself a suffragist.
My Own Story Emmeline Pankhurst

This is probably not true of any suffragist, and it is most certainly not true of me.
My Own Story Emmeline Pankhurst

But you would want this woman you—intend to get to be a suffragist, wouldn’t you?
The Bachelors William Dana Orcutt

an advocate of the extension of the franchise, esp to women

1822, from suffrage + -ist.
suffragist [(suf-ruh-jist)]

A participant in the women’s movement to win voting rights in the United States. The fight for women’s suffrage was organized in the middle of the nineteenth century. Wyoming, while not yet a state, granted women’s suffrage in 1869, though the struggle for universal suffrage was to last another fifty years. In 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified, guaranteeing that no state could deny the right to vote on the basis of sex.


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