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sulfon- pref.

Sulfonic: sulfonamide.

Sulfonyl: sulfonmethane.


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  • Sulfonamide

    noun, Pharmacology. 1. sulfa drug. sulfonamide sul·fon·a·mide (sŭl-fŏn’ə-mīd’, -mĭd) n. Any of a group of organic sulfur compounds that includes the sulfa drugs. See sulfa drug. sulfonamide (sŭl-fŏn’ə-mīd’, -mĭd) Any of a group of organic sulfur compounds containing the radical SO2NH2. ◇ Certain sulfonamides known as sulfa drugs are used as antibiotics to treat bacterial […]

  • Sulfonate

    noun 1. an ester or salt derived from a sulfonic acid. verb (used with object), sulfonated, sulfonating. 2. to make into a sulfonic acid, as by treating an aromatic hydrocarbon with concentrated sulfuric acid. 3. to introduce the sulfonic group into (an organic compound). sulfonate sul·fo·nate (sŭl’fə-nāt’) n. A salt or an ester of sulfonic […]

  • Sulfonation

    noun, Chemistry. 1. the process of attaching the sulfonic acid group, –SO 3 H, directly to carbon in an organic compound.

  • Sulfone

    noun, Chemistry. 1. any of a class of organic compounds containing the bivalent group –SO 2 –, united with two hydrocarbon groups. sulfone sul·fone (sŭl’fōn’) n. Any of various organic sulfur compounds having a sulfonyl group attached to two carbon atoms, especially such a compound formerly used as a drug to treat leprosy or tuberculosis. […]

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