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verb (used with object), sullied, sullying.
to soil, stain, or tarnish.
to mar the purity or luster of; defile:
to sully a reputation.
verb (used without object), sullied, sullying.
to become sullied, soiled, or tarnished.
noun, plural sullies.
Obsolete. a stain; soil.
Maximilien de Béthune
[mak-see-mee-lyan duh bey-tyn] /mak si miˈlyɛ̃ də beɪˈtün/ (Show IPA), Duc de, 1560–1641, French statesman.
Thomas, 1783–1872, U.S. painter, born in England.
verb -lies, -lying, -lied
to stain or tarnish (a reputation, etc) or (of a reputation) to become stained or tarnished
noun (pl) -lies
a stain
the act of sullying
Maximilien de Béthune (maksimiljɛ̃ də betyn), Duc de Sully. 1559–1641, French statesman; minister of Henry IV. He helped restore the finances of France after the Wars of Religion


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