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any salt or ester of sulphuric acid, such as sodium sulphate, Na2SO4, sodium hydrogen sulphate, or diethyl sulphate, (C2H5)2SO4
(slang) amphetamine sulphate Often shortened to sulph
(transitive) to treat with a sulphate or convert into a sulphate
to undergo or cause to undergo the formation of a layer of lead sulphate on the plates of an accumulator


Read Also:

  • Sulphate-resisting cement

    noun 1. a type of Portland cement that resists normal concentrations of sulphates: used in concrete for flues and underwater work

  • Sulphatise

    verb (used with object), sulphatised, sulphatising. 1. Chiefly British. sulfatize. verb (used with object), sulfatized, sulfatizing. 1. to convert into a sulfate, as by the roasting of ores.

  • Sulphide

    noun 1. a compound of sulphur with a more electropositive element 2. another name for thio-ether

  • Sulphinyl

    noun 1. (modifier) another term (no longer in technical usage) for thionyl

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