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verb (used with object), sulphatised, sulphatising.
Chiefly British. sulfatize.
verb (used with object), sulfatized, sulfatizing.
to convert into a sulfate, as by the roasting of ores.


Read Also:

  • Sulphide

    noun 1. a compound of sulphur with a more electropositive element 2. another name for thio-ether

  • Sulphinyl

    noun 1. (modifier) another term (no longer in technical usage) for thionyl

  • Sulphite

    noun 1. any salt or ester of sulphurous acid, containing the ions SO32– or HSO3– (hydrogen sulphite) or the groups –SO3 or –HSO3. The salts are usually soluble crystalline compounds

  • Sulpho-

    sulpho- pref. Variant of sulfo-.

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