Arthur Hays, 1891–1968, U.S. newspaper publisher.
Contemporary Examples

The Sulzberger family had to give up most of the dividends that made up their annual monetary take-away.
Stop Picking On the Times Peter Osnos December 29, 2008

Sulzberger was the grandson of Adolph Ochs, who bought the Times in 1896 and turned it into a leading American paper.
The Legacy of Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Publisher and CEO of The New York Times Howard Kurtz September 28, 2012

Sulzberger has been, at times, less than felicitous in his explanations.
Arthur Sulzberger’s NYT Paywall Defense Nick Summers April 5, 2011

“This was not a breach of the national security,” Sulzberger said, referring to his 1971 decision to release the Pentagon Papers.
The Quotable Arthur Sulzberger Abby Haglage September 28, 2012

Sulzberger added that, “There is nothing more I am going to say about this.”
Jill Abramson Fired from the Times: Was It About Money and Sexism—Or Management Style? Lloyd Grove May 14, 2014

But with the first impression on this story favorable to Abramson, Sulzberger and his allies already seem to have lost.
Can We Trust The New York Times After the Abramson Debacle? Joe Concha May 18, 2014

When Sulzberger stepped down in 1997, revenue was $2.6 billion, about half of it from the newspaper.
The Legacy of Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Publisher and CEO of The New York Times Howard Kurtz September 28, 2012

“I thought you were checking in with Dean,” Sulzberger parries.
Dean Baquet, the NYT’s Executive Editor, on Jill Abramson, Race, Surviving Cancer—and TMZ Envy Lloyd Grove September 15, 2014

Historical Examples

She married a city alderman, Dr. Sulzberger, and lives happily there.
Simon Eichelkatz; The Patriarch Ulrich Frank

The teacher who is interested will find them discussed in Sulzberger’s Am Haaretz.
A Manual for Teaching Biblical History Eugene Kohn

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