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noun, plural supermen.
a person of extraordinary or superhuman powers.
an ideal superior being conceived by Nietzsche who attains happiness, dominance, and creativity.
a superior being conceived as the product of human evolution.
one who prevails by virtue of being a ruthless egoist of superior strength, cunning, and force of will.
noun (pl) -men
(in the philosophy of Nietzsche) an ideal man who through integrity and creativity would rise above good and evil and who represents the goal of human evolution
any man of apparently superhuman powers

Superman definition

A seemingly immortal, superhuman comic-strip character created in the late 1930s, who hides his powers beneath the persona of Clark Kent, a mild-mannered newspaper reporter. Only when there is a threat of danger — often to his fellow reporter and secret love, Lois Lane — does Clark transform himself into the caped hero with x-ray vision.

Note: Superman has been adapted for various radio and television series and a number of highly successful films.

Superman definition

An ideal of humanity found in Thus Spake Zarathustra, by Friedrich Nietzsche. The Superman, or Overman (the German is Übermensch), is the single goal of all human striving, for which people must be willing to sacrifice all. It is doubtful that Nietzsche thought of the Overman as an individual person.


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