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noun, Physical Chemistry.
a sol having a solid disperse phase.
(chem) a system consisting of a suspension of solid particles in a liquid

suspensoid sus·pen·soid (sə-spěn’soid’)
A colloid solution in which the disperse particles are solid and remain sharply demarcated from the fluid in which they are suspended.


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    noun 1. a suspensory ligament, bandage, etc. 2. Botany. a cellular structure, developed along with the embryo in seed-bearing plants, that bears the embryo at its apex and by elongation carries the embryo to its food source. noun 1. another name for suspensory (sense 1) 2. (botany) (in a seed) a row of cells attached […]

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    suspensory bandage n. An expandable bag used to support the scrotum and its contents.

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    noun, Anatomy. 1. any of several tissues that suspend certain organs or parts of the body, especially the transparent, delicate web of fibrous tissue that supports the crystalline lens.

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