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verb (used without object)
Midland and Southern U.S. Older Use. to swear or declare (used with I):
Well, I swan, I never expected to see you here!
any large aquatic bird of the genera Cygnus and Coscoroba, having a long neck and usually a white plumage: family Anatidae, order Anseriformes
(rare, literary)

a poet
(capital when part of a title or epithet): the Swan of Avon (Shakespeare)

verb swans, swanning, swanned
(intransitive; usually foll by around or about) (informal) to wander idly
a river in SW Western Australia, rising as the Avon northeast of Narrogin and flowing northwest and west to the Indian Ocean below Perth. Length: about 240 km (150 miles)
Sir Joseph Wilson. 1828–1914, English physicist and chemist, who developed the incandescent electric light (1880) independently of Edison

mentioned in the list of unclean birds (Lev. 11:18; Deut. 14:16), is sometimes met with in the Jordan and the Sea of Galilee.


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