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Swing state

a state of the U.S. in which the Democratic and Republican candidates both have a good chance of winning:
the swing states of Ohio and Indiana.
Contemporary Examples

And Texas was/is on its way to becoming a swing state by 2024 or so, so this could have an impact on that.
Supreme Court and Voting Rights Michael Tomasky June 24, 2013

This includes Wisconsin as a swing state, which I think we have learned it never really was, campaign bluster aside.
It’s the Math November 8, 2012

Every four years the Republican mindset says Wisconsin will be a swing state.
Can a Republican Win 270 Electoral Votes in 2016…or Ever? Myra Adams August 17, 2013

On the one hand, Sandoval has demonstrated the ability to win in a swing state, and is projected to coast in November.
Nevada Guv Faces Fans and Foes in Reelection Lloyd Green March 17, 2014

Does ‘swing state’ really apply then, when you lose 85% of the time?
It’s the Math November 8, 2012

While Virginia has gone from solidly Republican to a swing state, southwestern Virginia has swung the other way.
Virginia Election: 5 Things to Watch Tuesday Ben Jacobs November 4, 2013

He was a Midwesterner from a swing state, with unvarnished liberal credentials and the backing of labor.
Undaunted in Defeat, Michele Bachmann Returns to Minnesota Ben Jacobs February 21, 2012

In eight of the last 10 elections, the swing state has voted with the winner.
Battle for Colorado Heats Up as Candidates Prep for Denver Debate Mark McKinnon October 1, 2012

New York was not a swing state, so Obama and Romney had not been fighting for these votes as they had in Ohio.
Sandy’s Rockaway Victims Pause to Vote, Press On With Recovery Efforts Michael Daly November 6, 2012

As a social conservative from a swing state, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell could serve two roles for Romney.
Mitt Romney’s Top Five Vice President Options, From Marco Rubio to Paul Ryan Ben Jacobs April 5, 2012


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