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Symptomatic porphyria

symptomatic porphyria n.
See porphyria cutanea tarda.


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  • Symptomatic reaction

    symptomatic reaction n. An allergic response to a test for or a therapeutic dose of an allergen or atopen that resembles the original allergic response.

  • Symptomatize

    [simp-tuh-muh-tahyz] /ˈsɪmp tə məˌtaɪz/ verb (used with object), symptomatized, symptomatizing. 1. symptomize.

  • Symptomatology

    [simp-tuh-muh-tol-uh-jee] /ˌsɪmp tə məˈtɒl ə dʒi/ noun 1. the branch of medical science dealing with symptoms. 2. the collective symptoms of a patient or disease. symptomatology /ˌsɪmptəməˈtɒlədʒɪ/ noun 1. the branch of medicine concerned with the study and classification of the symptoms of disease symptomatology symp·to·ma·tol·o·gy (sĭm’tə-mə-tŏl’ə-jē, sĭmp’-) n. The medical science of symptoms. The […]

  • Symptomatolytic

    symptomatolytic symp·to·mat·o·lyt·ic (sĭm’tə-māt’ə-lĭt’ĭk, sĭmp’tə-) or symp·to·mo·lyt·ic (-tə-mə-lĭt’ĭk) adj. Serving to eradicate symptoms.

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