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verb (used with object), synopsized, synopsizing.
to make a synopsis of; summarize.
verb (transitive)
to make a synopsis of
(US) variants of epitomize


Read Also:

  • Syndesmodial joint

    syndesmodial joint n. See syndesmosis.

  • Syndesmodial

    syndesmodial syn·des·mo·di·al (sĭn’děz-mō’dē-əl, -děs-) adj. Relating to syndesmosis.

  • Syndesmo-

    syndesmo- or syndesm- pref. Ligament; ligamentous: syndesmosis.

  • Syndesmitis

    syndesmitis syn·des·mi·tis (sĭn’děz-mī’tĭs, -děs-) n. Inflammation of a ligament.

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