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a simple one-piece bathing suit for women, having a scoop neck and shoulder straps and usually no lining or inner construction; maillot.


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  • Tank-top

    noun 1. a close-fitting, low-cut top having shoulder straps and often made of lightweight, knitted fabric. noun 1. a sleeveless upper garment with wide shoulder straps and a low neck, usually worn over a shirt, blouse, or jumper

  • Tank-town

    noun 1. a town where trains stop to take on a supply of water. 2. any small, unimportant, or uninteresting town. tanked

  • Tank-trailer

    noun 1. a trailer truck or tractor-trailer with a tank body, suitable for transporting gases or liquids, as oil, gasoline, or milk, in bulk.

  • Tank trap

    noun 1. any obstacle, such as a number of concrete stumps set in the ground, designed to stop a military tank

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