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or tartare sauce
a mayonnaise dressing for fish and seafood, usually with chopped pickles, onions, olives, capers, and green herbs added.


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  • Tartar-steak

    noun 1. ground beefsteak seasoned with salt and pepper and served uncooked, often mixed with a raw egg and garnished with capers, onions, etc. tartar steak noun 1. a variant term for steak tartare

  • Tartarus

    noun, Classical Mythology. 1. a sunless abyss, below Hades, in which Zeus imprisoned the Titans. 2. a place in Hades for the punishment of the wicked. noun (Greek myth) 1. an abyss under Hades where the Titans were imprisoned 2. a part of Hades reserved for evildoers 3. the underworld; Hades 4. a primordial god […]

  • Tartary

    noun 1. the historical name of a region of indefinite extent in E Europe and Asia: designates the area overrun by the Tartars in the Middle Ages, from the Dnieper River to the Pacific. noun 1. a variant spelling of Tatary

  • Tart cell

    tart cell n. A granulocyte that has engulfed the nucleus of another cell, the structure of which is still well preserved. This type of ingested nucleus, especially as found as an artifact in lupus erythematosus cell preparations.

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