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designed to be easily separated or opened by tearing:
a box with a tearaway seal.
British. a wild, reckless person.


Read Also:

  • Tear-bomb

    noun 1. a bomb or grenade containing tear gas.

  • Teardown

    noun 1. a taking apart; disassembly. 2. a house or other building that is purchased with the intention of tearing it down and replacing it with another, more expensive structure.

  • Teardrop

    noun 1. a tear or something suggesting a tear: A single teardrop rolled down her face. 2. something shaped like a drop of a thin liquid, having a globular form at the bottom, tapering to a point at the top. teardrop tear·drop (tēr’drŏp’) n. A single tear. An object shaped like a tear.

  • Tear duct

    noun 1. the nontechnical name for lacrimal duct

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