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Technicolor yawn


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  • Technoscience

    noun the combination of technology and science as disciplines; in problem-solving, the use of technology to aid science and vice versa

  • Technostress

    noun a feeling of anxiety or mental pressure from overexposure or involvement with (computer) technology Usage Note computing

  • Technostructure

    [tek-noh-struhk-cher] /ˈtɛk noʊˌstrʌk tʃər/ noun 1. the group or class of technically skilled administrators, scientists, and engineers who manage and influence business, the economy, and government affairs. technostructure /ˈtɛknəʊˌstrʌktʃə/ noun 1. the people who control the technology of a society, such as professional administrators, experts in business management, etc

  • Technothriller

    [tek-noh-thril-er] /ˈtɛk noʊˌθrɪl ər/ noun 1. a suspense novel in which the manipulation of sophisticated technology, as of aircraft or weapons systems, plays a prominent part. noun an action film with a plot involving technology; also written techno-thriller noun See technothriller

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