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a television broadcast lasting several hours, especially one soliciting support for a charity.
a lengthy television programme to raise charity funds, etc


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    Trademark. 1. a brand of teletypewriter. noun 2. (lowercase) a network of teletypewriters with their connecting lines, switchboards, etc. verb (used with object), Teletyped, Teletyping. 3. (lowercase) to send by Teletype. verb (used without object), Teletyped, Teletyping. 4. (lowercase) to operate a Teletype. noun 1. trademark a type of teleprinter 2. (sometimes not capital) a […]

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    company The company which made Teletype teletypewriters. Address: Skokie, Illinois, USA. (2000-04-03)

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    [tel-i-tahyp-set-er, tel-i-tahyp-] /ˌtɛl ɪˈtaɪpˌsɛt ər, ˈtɛl ɪˌtaɪp-/ Trademark. 1. a brand name for an apparatus, actuated by punched paper tape, that fits over the keyboard of a slugcasting machine, as the Linotype, for operating it automatically. Abbreviation: TTS. Teletypesetter /ˌtɛlɪˈtaɪpˌsɛtə; ˈtɛlɪˌtaɪp-/ noun 1. trademark (printing) a keyboard device whose output can either be punched tape, […]

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