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pertaining to the transmission of mechanical power over considerable distances, as by means of endless cables on pulleys.


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  • Teloekbetoeng

    /təˌlʊkbəˈtʊŋ/ noun 1. the former spelling of Telukbetung

  • Telogen

    telogen tel·o·gen (těl’ə-jěn’, tē’lə-) n. The resting phase of the follicle in the hair cycle.

  • Teloi

    noun, plural teloi [tel-oi, tee-loi] /ˈtɛl ɔɪ, ˈti lɔɪ/ (Show IPA) 1. the end term of a goal-directed process; especially, the Aristotelian final cause.

  • Telolecithal

    [tel-oh-les-uh-thuh l, tee-loh-] /ˌtɛl oʊˈlɛs ə θəl, ˌti loʊ-/ adjective, Embryology. 1. having an accumulation of yolk near the vegetal pole, as the large-yolked eggs or ova of reptiles and birds. telolecithal tel·o·lec·i·thal (těl’ə-lěs’ə-thəl, tē’lə-) adj. Having a yolk that is concentrated at one end.

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