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tennis shoes


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  • Tennis

    noun 1. a game played on a rectangular court by two players or two pairs of players equipped with rackets, in which a ball is driven back and forth over a low net that divides the court in half. noun 1. a racket game played between two players or pairs of players who hit a […]

  • Tennis-ball

    noun 1. a hollow ball used in tennis, made of rubber with a fuzzy covering of woven Dacron, nylon, or wool. noun 1. a hollow rubber ball covered with felt, used in tennis

  • Tennis-bracelet

    noun 1. a bracelet consisting of a row of individually set, uniformly sized diamonds or other gemstones. noun a piece of wrist jewelry that is a narrow chain of evenly matched diamonds, precious stones, or gemstones Word Origin 1987

  • Tennis-elbow

    noun 1. irritation of the synovial membrane, or joint rotary area, of the elbow, caused by immoderate motions while playing tennis or other sports; epicondylitis. tennis elbow noun 1. a painful inflammation of the elbow caused by exertion in playing tennis and similar games tennis elbow ten·nis elbow (těn’ĭs) n. A painful inflammation of the […]

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