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the act of stealing; the wrongful taking and carrying away of the personal goods or property of another; larceny.
an instance of this.
Archaic. something stolen.
Contemporary Examples

The underwear belonged to band member Liam Payne, who witnessed the theft.
Gravity’s Space-Diaper Fiasco; Beyoncé Debuts Her First Calendar The Fashion Beast Team October 7, 2013

He and his band are untainted by political skullduggery and economic interest, not to mention accusations of theft.
Voting For Yair Lapid, Israel’s Maimonides Rabbi Daniel Landes February 3, 2013

Vandalism, theft, and verbal threats were everyday occurrences.
The ‘Yobs’ Are the Problem Francis Gilbert August 10, 2011

But the theft of a few hundred shells or warheads would be much harder to detect.
Will Hizbullah Get Syria’s WMD if Assad Goes Down? Dan Ephron December 24, 2011

This probably cost him his home state of Tennessee—which would have secured the presidency for him, despite the theft of Florida.
For Obama, Romney, and America, Gun Control Is Dead Robert Shrum July 23, 2012

Historical Examples

The ominous statement “Property is theft” was directed only against this.
Anarchism E. V. Zenker

It was the first time in many years that one of the employees had been thus accused of theft.
Within the Law Marvin Dana

Second, that I will prevent, to the utmost of my power, theft and every fraud in all ranks of men.
Edwy the Fair or the First Chronicle of Aescendune A. D. Crake

What has all this to do with the question of theft in the store?
Within the Law Marvin Dana

They are taken at birth into an environment of theft, drunkenness, and vice.
Not Guilty Robert Blatchford

(criminal law) the dishonest taking of property belonging to another person with the intention of depriving the owner permanently of its possession
(rare) something stolen

Old English þeofð (West Saxon þiefð), from Proto-Germanic *theubitho (cf. Old Frisian thiufthe, Old Norse þyfð), from *theubaz “thief” (see thief) + suffix -itha (cognate with Latin -itatem).

Punished by restitution, the proportions of which are noted in 2 Sam. 12:6. If the thief could not pay the fine, he was to be sold to a Hebrew master till he could pay (Ex. 22:1-4). A night-thief might be smitten till he died, and there would be no blood-guiltiness for him (22:2). A man-stealer was to be put to death (21:16). All theft is forbidden (Ex. 20:15; 21:16; Lev. 19:11; Deut. 5:19; 24:7; Ps. 50:18; Zech. 5:3; Matt. 19:18; Rom. 13:9; Eph. 4:28; 1 Pet. 4:15).


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