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Benjamin, Count Rumford, 1753–1814, English physicist and diplomat, born in the U.S.
David, 1770–1857, Canadian fur trader, surveyor, author, and explorer, born in England.
David, born 1954, U.S. basketball player.
Dorothy, 1894–1961, U.S. journalist.
Francis, 1859–1907, English poet.
J(ames) Walter, 1847–1928, U.S. advertising executive.
Sir John Sparrow David, 1844–94, Canadian statesman: prime minister 1892–94.
[ran-dl] /ˈræn dl/ (Show IPA), 1899–1984, U.S. composer and teacher.
Sylvia, 1902–68, English novelist, born in Scotland.
a city in N central Manitoba, in central Canada: nickel mining.
a town in NE Connecticut.
a river with two branches, (North Thompson) and (South Thompson) that join in S British Columbia, Canada, flowing W and SW to the Fraser River: 304 miles (489 km) long.
a river in S Iowa and N Missouri, flowing SE and S to the Grand River. 175 miles (282 km) long.
Contemporary Examples

But Mr. Thompson has always taken very frankly to give to himself, or to split with the people who stake him.
Portrait of the Consummate Con Man John Lardner May 16, 2014

Thompson: The agreement among the band members that we were going to do it.
The Pixies Talk About Their Reunion, New Music and a Missing Band Member Andrew Romano September 19, 2013

Except that Dr. Thompson wielded not a scalpel, but a bell-shaped chunk of plastic, a length of string and a sugar packet.
The Penis Debate Cole Gamble January 27, 2009

Thompson may not have played a role in the embittered labor relations.
Mark Thompson, New York Times’ Latest CEO, Faces Rocky Start Daniel Gross, Michael Moynihan October 25, 2012

Of course, some of the people who think Thompson was a genius are themselves hacks.
Jim Thompson’s Legacy Allen Barra June 15, 2010

Historical Examples

Thompson kept one of the stores, while Cleveland was proprietor of the butcher shop.
Gold Stewart White

Thompson then arose and filled Wilson full of holes, killing him instantly.
The Story of the Outlaw Emerson Hough

With this just estimate of himself—and with the promise of a discount on Thompson’s car—he returned to his office in triumph.
Babbitt Sinclair Lewis

Captain Thompson came to Coffin’s on Wednesday with about fifty men.
Letters from Port Royal Various

In the spring of this year he had written to Thompson: “Hallam announces himself this morning as not otherwise than unwell.”
Tennyson and His Friends Various

Benjamin, Count Rumford. 1753–1814, Anglo-American physicist, noted for his work on the nature of heat
Daley. born 1958, British athlete: Olympic decathlon champion (1980, 1984)
Emma. born 1959, British actress: her films include Howards End (1991), Sense and Sensibility (1996; also wrote screenplay), Primary Colors (1998), and Love Actually (2003)
Flora (Jane). 1876–1947, British writer, author of the autobiographical Lark Rise to Candleford (1945)
Francis. 1859–1907, British poet, best known for the mystical poem The Hound of Heaven (1893)

type of sub-machine gun, 1919, named for U.S. Gen. John T. Thompson (1860-1940), who conceived it and whose company financed it.
(tŏmp’sən, tŏm’-)
American-born British physicist who conducted numerous experiments on heat and friction, which led him to discover that heat is produced by moving particles.


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