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Ashley Horace, 1871–1933, U.S. literary historian and teacher.
Edward Lee, 1874–1949, U.S. psychologist and lexicographer.
(Everett) Lynn, 1882–1965, U.S. historian and scholar (brother of Ashley Horace Thorndike).
Dame Sybil, 1882–1976, English actress.
Historical Examples

Thorndike calls this comedy “perhaps the best representation of the collaboration” of these dramatists in that kind.
Francis Beaumont: Dramatist Charles Mills Gayley

“I have been trying to get at you for an age,” said Mrs. Thorndike Freeman, laughing.
Boston Neighbours In Town and Out Agnes Blake Poor

The judge leaned over his desk and shook Mr. Thorndike by the hand.
Once Upon A Time Richard Harding Davis

To Mr. Thorndike it was evident that young Andrews had entirely forgotten him.
Once Upon A Time Richard Harding Davis

Seated on the rail, with their hands in their pockets and their backs turned to Mr. Thorndike, they laughed and talked together.
Once Upon A Time Richard Harding Davis

It was summer and Mr. Thorndike was sitting on the piazza smoking a cigar.
Driven From Home Horatio Alger

Mr. Thorndike half rose from his seat, and looked after him.
Driven From Home Horatio Alger

Are you not a little rash, Mr. Thorndike, to offer me a place when you know so little of me?
Driven From Home Horatio Alger

“Well, he picked the flowers, anyway,” laughed Mr. Thorndike.
Once Upon A Time Richard Harding Davis

Mr. Thorndike repeated the statement he had already made to Carl.
Driven From Home Horatio Alger

Edward Lee. 1874–1949, US psychologist, who worked on animals and proposed that all learnt behaviour is regulated by rewards and punishments (Thorndike’s law or law of effect)
Dame (Agnes) Sybil. 1882–1976, British actress

Thorndike Thorn·dike (thôrn’dīk’), Edward Lee. 1874-1949.

American educational psychologist noted for his study of animal intelligence and for his methods of measuring intelligence.


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