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[ahr-too r-oh;; Italian ahr-too-raw] /ɑrˈtʊər oʊ;; Italian ɑrˈtu rɔ/ (Show IPA), 1867–1957, Italian orchestra conductor, in the U.S. after 1928.
Historical Examples

In at least one New York restaurant oeuf Toscanini is to be found on the bill.
The Merry-Go-Round Carl Van Vechten

But there can be no doubt on that point in the case of Toscanini.
An Autobiography Igor Stravinsky

Toscanini was picking his way through the orchestra to the desk.
What Will People Say? Rupert Hughes

There you have a side of Mr. Toscanini that the boys have forgotten to tell you about.
The World’s Great Men of Music Harriette Brower

Mr. Toscanini wanted a nip of brandy, but the innkeeper insisted that he try some very special wine of the house’s own making.
The World’s Great Men of Music Harriette Brower

Those who know Mr. Toscanini intimately find in those six simple words the key to his character.
The World’s Great Men of Music Harriette Brower

Toscanini held sway when I began, and he was a marvelous musician and conductor.
Vocal Mastery Harriette Brower

Mr. Toscanini does not eat before a performance, and his family wait with the evening meal until he joins them.
The World’s Great Men of Music Harriette Brower

I am far from reproaching Toscanini for introducing, let us say, the works of Verdi into his concerts.
An Autobiography Igor Stravinsky

Mr. Toscanini had been right about the Beethoven Concerto and had correctly remembered the purely orchestral numbers as well.
The World’s Great Men of Music Harriette Brower

Arturo (arˈtuːro). 1867–1957, Italian conductor; musical director of La Scala, Milan, and of the NBC symphony orchestra (1937–57) in New York


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