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Arnold J(oseph) 1889–1975, English historian.
Contemporary Examples

When what Toynbee called a “creative minority” does not rise to the occasion of a great challenge, society withers and dies.
Evan Bayh’s Shameful Retreat Lee Siegel February 14, 2010

Historical Examples

Dr. Toynbee finds that since 1802 the Commedia as a whole has been translated into English about once every four years.
The Critical Game John Albert Macy

“This is part of a little affair I’m managing for Mrs. Toynbee,” says Pinckney.
Shorty McCabe Sewell Ford

Dr. Toynbee has long promised to publish a paper on this matter.
Giovanni Boccaccio, a Biographical Study Edward Hutton

About the third day things began to hum around the Toynbee place.
Shorty McCabe Sewell Ford

The first house of this kind to be established was Toynbee Hall in London, in 1885.
The Spirit of America Henry Van Dyke

Toynbee Hall is not the only place in East London where (p. 175) such works are carried on.
Highways and Byways in London Mrs. E. T. Cook.

And it was a time of rising rents; according to Toynbee they at least doubled between 1790 and 1833.
The Open Secret of Ireland T. M. Kettle

I should very much have preferred the young man from Toynbee Hall who escorted Marion to the cathedral.
The Red Hand of Ulster George A. Birmingham

He conducted Marion to the door and handed her over to the private secretary from Toynbee Hall.
The Red Hand of Ulster George A. Birmingham

Arnold 1852–83, British economist and social reformer, after whom Toynbee Hall, a residential settlement in East London, is named
his nephew, Arnold Joseph. 1889–1975, British historian. In his chief work, A Study of History (1934–61), he attempted to analyse the principles determining the rise and fall of civilizations


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