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believing in or adhering to the doctrine of the Trinity.
pertaining to Trinitarians, or believers in the doctrine of the Trinity.
belonging or pertaining to the religious order of Trinitarians.
of or relating to the Trinity.
(lowercase) forming a trinity; threefold; triple.
a person who believes in the doctrine of the Trinity.
a member of the “Order of the Holy Trinity,” a religious order founded in 1198 to redeem Christian captives of the Muslims.
Contemporary Examples

A memorial service for Lauren Astley was held July 16, with nearly one-thousand mourners filing into the local Trinitarian Church.
Teaching Teens to Have Healthy Breakups Liz Kulze July 26, 2011

Historical Examples

The long truce in the criticism of Trinitarian theology is drawing to its end.
God The Invisible King Herbert George Wells

It is not Trinitarian; it is not biblical; it is not technical.
Christianity and Modern Thought Various

The five aisles still predominated, the Athanasians not having yet succeeded in establishing the Trinitarian doctrine.
A Manual of the Historical Development of Art G. G. (Gustavus George) Zerffi

This is not even the division between Trinitarian and Unitarian.
The Unity of Civilization Various

It principally turned on the Trinitarian controversy then raging, and is of little interest now.
Ancient and Modern Celebrated Freethinkers Charles Bradlaugh, A. Collins, and J. Watts

Such, in brief, is what is known as the Athanasian or Trinitarian Creed.
Astral Worship J. H. Hill

The Trinitarian dissenters are a strong body, and especially strong among the electors of towns.
The Miscellaneous Writings and Speeches of Lord Macaulay, Vol. 4 (of 4) Thomas Babington Macaulay

Thus Athanasius is identified with the Trinitarian controversy, although he was a minister of theological knowledge in general.
Beacon Lights of History, Volume VI John Lord

He adds,that among Trinitarian Christians the word stands for oneof the three subjects, or agents, constituting the Godhead.
Rudimental Divine Science Mary Baker G. Eddy

a person who believes in the doctrine of the Trinity
a member of the Holy Trinity See Trinity (sense 3)
of or relating to the doctrine of the Trinity or those who uphold it
of or relating to the Holy Trinity


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